Monday, December 05, 2005

Hollywood, Here I Come

I posed in front of the Kodak Theater with Elmo and Mr. Incredible. They work for tips. Elmo said I was very pretty. How old is Elmo??? I didn't change my tip for him. Didn't work, red buddy.

I also have photos with Mrs. Shrek, Willie Wonka and Johnny Depp's character from Pirates of the Carribean... what's his name again? My mom just stole shots of Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper while they're posing with others who paid for the tip, hehe. I ran into Peter Pan but I had no more one-dollar bills with me so I just smiled as he curtsied at me. Mukhang totoy!

I've been Hollywood-hopping since yesterday. Been to Rodeo Drive today. My jaw dropped at the stores. I looked like a tourist. For that's what I am!

I wish I would run into Brendan Fraser here, or Mel Gibson... do they shop at Macy's?

1 comment:

jobelle_posh said...

ang galing ate ella ang dami mong fans ngpapic b cla sau?!!
ang galing nmn ang laki nila...
ang saya mo ha,, buti nmn kitang-kita sa face mo... enjoy ur vacation..