Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Found a Dream House!

I started a dream that sent me dreaming more. Uncle Eddie del Rosario picked us up from Eagle Rock and drove us to Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes. The drive from the beach to the mountains triggered my vertigo! I could feel my stomach turning and my head spinning. I took my medicine, closed my eyes, and willed myself to get better in order to enjoy the scenery.

While under the influence of drugs (Serc lang, prescribed by doctors) I opened my eyes to see my dream houses. While driving along the mansions at Palos Verdes in LA I started to dream again of owning such a house in front of the beach. My Uncle said that mostly doctors, scientists, politicians, and actors could afford those houses.

Well I am a dreamer and that's what I do - dream. I met two new aunts (my dad's cousins) and an aunt-in-law who all encouraged me to, guess what, move to America. I could not get past the "What does your daughter do?" "She's a lawyer" (my mom/dad's reply) introduction. They've all heard of Sandiganbayan, my previous office, but not of Lingkod. To spare me from telling a very long story I did not elaborate, just that I'm working now for something I believe in, I'm fulfilled and happy, although not earning that much to buy my parents their dream house, let alone mine. :) But we're ok.

I don't have to clean a dream house - it's always perfectly clean. I don't have to worry about repairs and bills. I can close my eyes, with or without the side effect of drowsiness from my meds, I could clearly see my beachfront property.

Mama told me, "You could always marry a doctor who could buy you a house here. When you were young a fortune-teller said you would marry a doctor."

Fortune teller... I replied, "No, Ma, that was MY dream when I was young. I didn't need a fortune-teller to tell me that. Anyway that's not exactly the dream now."

The dream now is just the house.

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