Monday, December 05, 2005

Minnie & Me

A younger version of me... yup it's yours truly with Minnie Mouse at Disneyland! My cousin Ate Jean (can't reveal her age) knows every nook and cranny of Disneyland and was even quick to take this picture. She's the perfect tour guide!

My other cousin Michael now works part-time as a Cast Member (apparently that's what the staff at Disneyland are called) and got me and my parents into it and California Adventure, for free!!! Was it my lucky day or what? I wanted my nephews to be with me but since they weren't there, I was the youngest girl once more, eating cotton candy and gawking at the Disney characters left and right. I was there with my parents, Tito Ludi and Tita Fe. Had a most wonderful time at the happiest place on earth. Will blog more when there's more time!

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