Thursday, June 28, 2007

Still QT's at 7

These photos  were taken by photography student Abby during last Saturday's celebration of Lingkod QC's 7th Anniversary entitled "Strengthened @7".  We had Holy Mass, dinner, a short program, and a time of worship at Dencio's Bar and Grill.  I tell you, with our name tags, hands raised, and noise, people who were out on a Saturday night kept staring at us.  

Guests from other branches said they enjoyed it.  Unlike previous anniversaries, we merely showed a tribute to the best of QC dances and sang one song from the annual Valentine mini-concert.  We also had a video showing 7 reasons why we are celebrating.  It was entirely shot by a QT, award-winning documentarist Ditsi Carolino, and entirely produced, edited, and scripted by QTs.  Then we had jamming with the Music Ministry featuring talented brothers  and sisters from the different branches.  

The guests paid for their dinner, there was a short program, they provided the performers, and they had fun!  Now that's what I call a low-profile, high-impact anniversary celebration.

It was great fun to be with the brothers and sisters and unwind like that.  As if it wasn't fellowship enough, the QT's sans guests went to Starbucks Katips 1 and stayed there until closing.  It's part of tradition.

I'm having trouble with my browser as it's my first time to use Opera.  I cannot edit properly the photos and text.  By the way, I grabbed these photos from Abby's Multiply Site.

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