Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New Old Stuff

I am constantly updating my blog by adding articles and reflections that I have previously written. If you would visit again, please check the archives for "new" articles. I use the actual date and time that I sent them as e-mail to my friends, which is usually sometime prior to my having setup this page. My sister thinks I'm weird since my posts are dated earlier than when I actually started blogging. Well everybody's weird and I'd rather have this kind of weirdness. :)

Furthermore, please excuse the proliferation of words typedone afteranother, like so, in my posts. I used cut and paste and somehow this didn't work to my advantage. I'm trying to edit all of the posts so that I would not strain your eyes, especially the born editors among you. I hope it doesn't show too much here that I'm html-illiterate. That's why I became a blogger in the first place....

1 comment:

Arvin said...

Hello Ella. I'm so excited to read your reflections. With my hectic schedule, I promise to read one article per day. =) Love, your number one fan and dear friend since our grade school days.