Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Verdict on The Notebook

I watched "The Notebook" awhile ago. I've heard so much about it through media and my friends. A friend's sister commented that it was sappy and cheesy. Two priests, however, recommended the movie for its lessons on love. Once I've set my mind on watching a movie, conflicting reviews like these only ignite the desire in me to watch it myself and form my own opinion thereafter.

The verdict: it's just a movie. I doubt if it could ever happen in real life; at least not in the world I live and breathe in. Maybe I just could not relate with the female lead that's why it didn't affect me as much as other movies did.

The movie's not all that bad. It had its share of lines, such as "Your mother is my home", and moments, like the rain-soaked kiss. I would have to agree with one favorable review I encountered, that the movie teaches us that Love is a Decision. I would have to hand it to Allie because she decided to love, and did not simply give in to her emotions.

The movie resorted to several formulas, though. The supportive, ordinary, she's-not-the-one woman in Noah's life; and this other guy I can't tell you about unless you've seen the movie --> their martyrdom and heroism are straight out of Sleepless in Seattle (think Bill Pullman) and You've Got Mail (Greg Kinnear being sooo relieved that Meg Ryan wasn't in-love with him anymore), but of course with some evident bitterness. Rich girl-poor guy/ disapproving parents, hmm I can think of several Romnick/Sheryl movies along these lines. This is formula love story with great cinematography, a few good lines, and some intense moments.

I wouldn't go as far as agreeing, however, that it's one great love story. I've heard better stories. I've seen better movies. They may not have come true for me either, but they left me with a happier feeling in the end.

As far as my little world is concerned, then, this is the verdict. Perhaps I just watched with gray-colored spectacles. Or maybe I need to pray in order to believe in miracles.

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