Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do-It-Yourself Ella!

I woke up today feeling all the tension in my muscles. I thought about getting a massage but it does not seem practical. I told myself that will be my reward when I get a job. In the meantime, I rub Lander Crystal Ice which also works wonders.

After my prayer time I silently wished once more to go on an individual retreat. I settled for the next best thing, which was to set an appointment at the Cenacle for a session with my spiritual directress. Then I got out of bed.

That's why when I saw this ad from Daysrping, it caught my eye. "Renew Your Relationship with God This Year", the email said. Then a lovely picture of a gift set featuring a planner, candle, pillow sachet, jotter, calendar, tote bag, magnet set, memo pad, and note folio, all in blue pink and other pastel, relaxing colors, showed me "what I needed". It's from their Rejuvenate Gift Collection. I'm glad these products are not available here in the Philippines otherwise I would be tempted to run to the mall and buy them.

I have several planners, calendras, bags, magnets, pillows and notepads already. I don't really need these now. Interesting how the right colors and words could create the need in the gullible reader's eye. Maybe I could get all the stuff I have and arrange them in a pretty pile as in the picture, then I could rejuvenate all I want in the comfort of my home.

Who needs to spend, when I have books to read, coffee to brew, music to play and video to exercise to right here at home? All I have to do is to stand up and get moving. I'm doing it. I'm standing up. I'm rejuvenating, renewing, relaxing and recharging. You will see a better me the next time I blog. Well, that is my hope.

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