Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Little Angels

They are Miguel and Gabriel, named after two great archangels. In this photo taken at the Our Lady of the Pentecost Parish (OLPP), my nephews Miko and Luigi look their angelic best. Miko had his first communion and Luigi served as a sacristan for the first time. The Bukas Palad Music Ministry sang during the mass held for the Grade Two first communicants from Centro Montessori.

During lunch I interviewed Miko about his experience and found out that he had his First Confession with Fr. Roy Cosca, SJ, the godchild or "inaanak" of my father, and a family friend from Olongapo. Fr. Roy's dad and aunt were our family doctors. Of all the Jesuits, Miko met the only one who had a connection to our family. This gave him a thrill. That's the beautiful thing about children. Everything is a big deal for them. They delight in the littlest details and are very easy to please.

Tita Mel and I went to Little Angel Study Center when we were, well, little. We also looked angelic then and most likely, we were also very easy to please. Now we just look angelic, haha.

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