Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are

Currently, I hang out often with my Friends Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Chandler.

Although I've never been to New York, I find the distance between our houses to be an insignificant detail, considering that we have so many things in common.

We all love lattes and cappuccinos,

... and we're all trying to get by with a little help from our friends. I started with the First Season DVD and I remembered how hard I laughed with my law school friends at the garden of our apartment in Matahimik St., UP (or was it Teachers' Village) back in 1996 everytime we re-lived each scene from all angles. I was reminded that even from Season 1, Friends already hit the nail on the head when it came to the highs and lows of single life.

I'm currently able to relate with Rachel, surprisingly, because this was the time in her life when she walked out on her own wedding and became a lousy waitress. When she got a job interview with Saks Fifth Avenue, Phoebe said, "Wow, it's like your Mother Ship calling you home." Rachel didn't get that job but we know she eventually worked for Ralph Lauren, something she seemed born to do.

Ross' early efforts to win Rachel Greene also amuses me on a daily basis now. He's so cute, practicing his lines and never getting to deliver them because he's often interrupted just when he's ready to make a concrete move on her. That girl Rachel also knows how to play her cards right. I'm learning a thing or two from my friends, really.

I've always been a fan of Friends. I used to borrow VHS tapes (back when we still had a working player) during sem break, and then after we got cable I would sometimes watch it three times a week, one regular showing on a local network and two re-runs on different cable channels. My real-life friends and family also love them, I feel they are a part of my life already.

Some people like to clean house when they're in between jobs. I can only clean so much, as it's not my forte. With Friends, I can fold clothes, surf the net, and send text messages while being entertained with their little outfits and huge heartaches.

Don't worry, once in a while I do go out for a latte or a cappuccino with real people, ones who don't make fun of my crazy decisions in life (at least, not to my face), but friends who listen and who share in my waiting, making me feel loved and, well, not so alone. But when they're busy with their own lives and I don't feel like facing mine, I sneak in my Friends DVD and am transported to Central Perk instantly.

I have to go now, I can hear them playing poker and calling me for my turn.

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