Sunday, January 07, 2007

Theme for the Year

Let me hear in the morning of thy steadfast love,
for in thee I put my trust.
Teach me the way I should go,
for to thee I lift up my soul. Ps 143,8 (ESV)

It's natural to want to start the new year right. Some people do this by writing new year's resolutions. Others, like people I've met in community, go on a Day of Prayer to come before the Lord and spend time quietly listening to His direction for the year.

I wanted to go on a DoP last week but somehow I could not organize who to go with and could not find a way to fit it in everybody's schedule. Spiritually, the year had not yet completely started for me, so when I was invited to my first sectoral prayer assembly this morning, I said to the Lord that this might be the only opportunity for me to listen to Him on a start-of-the-year mode so I begged that He speak to me about 2007 and what to take for my upcoming journey.

I've been a daily communicant again since Advent (a major source of peace, hope and joy for me!) so that, along with my interactions with godly people and services with godly ministries, became the venue for Jesus to speak to my heart. I reflected on His messages fully during the time of worship with the Ligaya ng Panginoon North Sector held at U.P., which was so near my house that there was no excuse for me not to attend.

I could summarize my theme for the year, and my resolutions, in the following sentences:

1. Face and embrace reality.
2. Allow God to surprise me.
3. Lean on and rest in the LORD.
4. Look at the bigger picture.

For me to remember it, I studied the first letters and formed the word "FALL". The Lord wants me to fall this year? Kind of a downhill promise, isn't it? Like "yield", my theme a couple of years ago, however, the word "fall" has many meanings. It could mean the most common thing - which is to "fall in love", as the secular world often associates the word with. Or it could mean what a Christmas carol says "Fall on your knees...." It could mean failure, or to slip, both of which makes me think, "Again??? I thought that was so last year, Lord?"

Then looking at the positive elements of my personal acronym "FALL" enumerated above, I cannot help but believe that He wants me to "fall" so I could accept His strength, His grace, and His love. Only then could I face an uncertain year confidently.

As always I would understand this a little better in hindsight. Now that I'm looking ahead I don't completely see where God is leading me. But then again, this is the only way He could surprise me.

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