Wednesday, July 04, 2007

APSE in Manila, er... QC

We have visitors at the parish. They are from Australia and are part of the Asia-Pacific School of Evangelisation. They are staying for three weeks. They've been to Manila, SM, two schools, and our parish already. They've gained weight in just four days.

Tita Ollie and Tito Don De Jesus set up a Filipino Food Night for them. They served lechon, itik, dinuguan, and mangga't bagoong, among others. The Australian youth gamely took on the Fear Factor challenge - that of eating balut, from the embryonic juice to the chick inside, which even we Filipinos refuse to eat sometimes.

This is our group picture - the Missionaries of God's Love in Manila, the delegates from APSE, and the Youth Alive Core Team.


Daisy said...

Hi Ella,

I can see that you are telling them how to eat balut hehehe did you eat some too???

You should have an exchange program-- and I think they will make you eat the veggie mite :) your bound for Sydney pala this Nov. God bless sis. Next year is World Youth Day in Australia at may count down clock na sila at St. Mary's.

I also noticed you changed na your opening message :) nice change :)

God bless!

Ella del Rosario said...

Hi Day! Yes, I ate one balut but not the chick, gave it to someone who loved it, Fr. Steve.

During summer we had a Food Challenge for the youth and one of the challenges was the mighty veggie mite. Some kids couldn't stand it, but one ate it by the spoonful. I didn't try it at all.

Yes I'm still praying if I will go to WYD though I'm helping our youth to go there.

Thanks re opening message. God bless!