Monday, July 02, 2007

Posh Anniversary

They're makulit, they're pasaway, and they're half my age. These are the POSH kids who are growing up before my eyes. They told me we first met on July 3, during the Life in the Spirit Seminar held at the then Our Lady of Fatima Sub-Parish, now the Parish of Saint Benedict. They listened to my talk and then were assigned to the sharing group the I handled together with Bro. Daniel.

Since then I have been involved in their assignments, crushes, graduations, birthdays, awards, rejections, learnings, and failures. They call me Ate and hang out with me but when it comes to service, they know I'm serious. They were a great help during the Youth Alive Summer Program, as they took charge of all the outdoor games during the picnic, sports fest, and food challenge. Well, they had the energy, so the Core Team tapped them.

Now, two of them are already working and they hardly have time to walk with me around U.P. campus. As we won't be seeing each other until Friday, when Australian visitors from the Asia-Pacific School of Evangelization would talk about World Youth Day Sydney '08 at the parish, I'll take this time to greet my kids. Maligayang Posh Ko.

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