Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Prayer in Times of Transition

A Prayer in Times of Transition

Guide of Weary Travelers, take my hand as I wander
Through the unnamed wilderness in search of my true Home.

Companion of Those Who Journey, assure me of your presence
While I search aimlessly in the foggy land of “don’t know.”

Source of Wisdom and Guidance, be the Star that leads me,
Shine truth onto my path and bless me with direction.

Wings of Shelter, embrace me with your comfort
When the road is lonely and life feels desolate.

Wellspring of Hope, be my source of courage,
My fountain of faith when I teeter toward despair.

Wind of Spiritual Liberation, enter and unleash any shackles
That bind and restrict me on the path of true freedom.

Heart of Compassion, taste my tears,
Heal my old wounds; rest my pain in your love.

Bounteous Power, dance in my bones,
Sing in my spirit, energize me toward action.

Endless Joy, infuse my wilting spirit
With radiant vitality and the sweet savoring of life.

-- Joyce Rupp, Out of the Ordinary

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