Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hurting All Over and Loving It

I woke up and felt the pain, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.   I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed, as I suffered an almost sleepless night due to the summer heat and the adrenaline rush from last night's dance practice.  But work beckoned and I had to prop my head and lift my body by sheer willpower, to rise above the pain.  That's why Alaxan was invented, to dull the pain - something I knew I was good at.  So I took the pills and went to work.

Since last week, I had returned to dancing with the Lingkod QT's to prepare for our Easter Celebration this coming Lord's Day.  We hadn't danced in a year because our dance guru Karreen had to deal with an ACL tear and an ankle injury.  So we were all excited to go back to our group workout and fellowship sessions through the power of dance.  That we were doing it to the tune of Kirk Franklin's "Looking for You" made our jumps higher and our spins smoother (or so we wished).  His praise songs were just so danceable and we didn't have to worry about improper lyrics.

I knew that my body would be shell-shocked from all the twists and turns that Len, Jayson, and Karreen made us do, but I still went on with it.  As I complained today of aches and pains, Karreen asked me, "But ain't it worth it?"  Well, it was!

Some pains are so worth it that people don't mind going through them  - like in the case of a mother who stays up all night taking care of her newborn baby (or so I heard), or an artist who endures many sleepless nights creating his masterpiece, or a lover who waits with a mixture of intense longing and sheer excitement for the return of his beloved.  

As I walked every excruciating step in the office today and soothed my poor muscles with Lander Crystal Ice Analgesic Gel tonight, I did not have regrets.  I had fun practicing.  I knew I was going to have fun on Saturday, and I once more experienced one of the best forms of workout there was.

If only we could do this every week.  Come on, QT's, we've been planning to do this regularly for years.  Then there would be no more pain.  Only dance, and music, and toned bodies. 

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