Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Pleasure of a Business Trip

Last week, I went to Cebu and then to Davao for branch visits. I traveled with a sister from Lingkod who happens to be my colleague at CD Asia. We were like missionaries in that we had to try to whip our branches into shape - Edith in terms of Admin and Finance, and me in terms of Marketing and Sales. We did our best, and let God do the rest.

First, we met with our Cebu team. Then I attended a debate between UP Law and Ateneo law at University of San Carlos, where Lex Libris Student Edition was a sponsor.

Yes that's me, proudly holding one of the products I wish I had when I was in law school, for all law students to see. During the debate, Ateneo won, and they're the ones who will compete internationally. CD Asia was so proud to have been part of this first ever project of USC for Jessup.

Since Lingkod had a branch wherever CD Asia was, the brothers and sisters from Lingkod-Cebu invited Edith and I to attend a birthday celebration at the Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa. James, the Branch Leader of Cebu, treated us to a genuine Cebuano dinner - meaning lechon was served. Then we sang videoke until dawn. I was happy to garner the highest score for the night - 95, and we didn't set it on the Amateur level. The Lingkod Cebu brothers and sisters were a delight to be with. It was like attending a standup comedy concert. We got home late but it was a fellowship well worth our time.

Next, Edith and I flew to Davao, where we were welcomed by the Lingkod leaders with fellowships left and right. They made sure we found pleasure amidst our business trip. They even took us to a quick breakfast over at Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, dinner at Gardenia restaurant (beside a lake), coffee at Bigby's, and a stroll at the People's Park, where we had fun with the swing.

We didn't expect to be blessed so much for that trip. Thanks to Lingkod-Cebu especially James, Darwin, Eji, Corleone, and Ernie, and to Lingkod-Davao and HTC especially Michelle, Dennis, Arnold, Glen and Nelda.

That was some business with pleasure. Till our next (CD Asia and Lingkod) branch visit!

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