Monday, March 17, 2008

Prohibited Posters

I have two quotes from the MMDA Gallery:

1.  Common  Poster AreaChairman Bayani Fernando of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) measures off the 200 meter-length from the tarpaulin posted on a Comelec-designated common poster area (CPA) in every barangay in the metropolis where candidates are only allowed to plaster their campaign posters and other election paraphernalia. The Comelec has deputized the MMDA to tear down all misplaced election paraphernalia posted outside the authorized CPA, document them as evidence against errant candidates who face disqualification from running in the May 14 elections for violation of the Fair Elections Act and arrest persons caught in “flagrante delicto.”

2.  Bawal Ito. MMDA workers on board a manlifter truck (insert) inscribe "Bawal Ito" red paint on a giant hamburger billboard on Katipunan Ave., near Miriam College Q.C. which, the MMDA says, violates government regulations prohibiting installation of outdoor signs that were put up over or across and along public thoroughfares, whether it be a national or secodary road. The MMDA later tore down this billboard because of the imminent danger it poses to the lives of pedestrians and motorists.

I do not know who declared EDSA as a poster area.  The presidential elections are a good two years away.  Yet, we could see huge posters of MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando all over EDSA, obviously a campaign pitch, with a no-nonsense "Men-In-Black" look.

Sir, bawal po iyan.  That was an ill-advised move on your part.  Please remove those posters as they are an eyesore and are clearly inappropriate.  Metro Manila, especially EDSA, the longest, most famous road in the country, is not yours.  You are only governing it on behalf of the people.  Using your position to advance your political ambitions, no matter how popular the practice is in this country, remains to be outrightly and blatantly wrong.  

Please remove those posters before somebody spray paints them with the words "Bawal Ito".  If that happens, you didn't read about it first on this blog.

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