Sunday, March 23, 2008

Now is the Time to Rejoice

The Easter Vigil was held  across many parishes and transparochial communities last night.  I attended the one held at the Ateneo together with the Ligaya ng Panginoon community, partners-in-mission, affiliate communities, and guests.  We filled the entire High School Covered Courts.  

Even young children were amazed at the light that came from one burning fire into each of our little candles.  The rising of Christ was announced with the burst of our first hallelujahs, followed by songs of glory and praise.   We were no longer silent and blind, we had to shout out to the Lord.  With tambourines and bells, we snuffed out our candles and broke into a joyous dance.  Fr Herb Schneider, SJ, encouraged us to sing our praises because "now is the time to rejoice".  

Why so downcast oh my soul?  Christ has conquered sin and death.  I remembered.  So I tried rejoicing.  I clapped.  I lifted my hands in song.  I danced.  I greeted brothers and sisters.  The light of Christ had come and I was no longer in the dark.  

Christ is risen!  Happy Easter!

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