Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Dream Vacation

I wish that I could go on vacation. Not a retreat, not a working trip, but just a vacation.

My dream vacation right now is very simple. I just want to go to a beach, not necessarily a white-sand beach, and be able to stay there for hours in the morning and then at sunset. Due to my melanin-infused skin, I refuse to be exposed to the noontime sun and would probably take that time to have lunch somewhere airconditioned and to take a nap.

I want to spend those hours alone. I want to walk, pray, listen, sing, and write. I may be surrounded by people but I don't want to be pressured to relate to them, or to please them by having to serve or entertain them, for that would be a dream vacation for another time.

I will bring:

1.) my Bible... perhaps the worn-out NRSV, not the gold-edged NAB, the hard-bound Jerusalem, the thick Serendipity NAB, the NIV without the Imprimatur, or the Good News/TEV... yes, the NRSV would be the language for my dream vacation (Scripture guides Word Among Us and Sabbath included);

2.) my journal... which one? to delay the dilemma I'll just bring the discernment journal and the everyday journal, hmmm and perhaps break in a new journal to start my new journey;

3.) my guitar... not that I know how to play it already but that would be the perfect time to learn, except that it would be hard to travel with a guitar that doesn't have a hard case so will think about this more;

4.) my cellphone... for those moments when something beautiful captures my attention and I need to share it with someone;

5.) my camera... to play tourist aside from traveler;

6.) my portable DVD/CD player (CDs included)... if I could promise myself to keep sand and saltwater away from it, that is;

7.) my most comfortable clothes, think Naturalizer or Bass ads, haha...

8.) my summer bag... big enough to hold all the essentials for a beach vacation for one;

9.) my toilteries, and for this vacation, unlike in the NLTC, I promise not to bring a trunkload of toiletries and cosmetics! Simplicity has to become a reality since I'm not even supposed to bring anything for this journey;

10.) my writing notebook... to exercise my creative juices;

11.) my pocketbooks, around three to four; and

12.) materials for study like Bible study tools.

A vacation without people fussing over me, without too much noise and gimmicks and parties. An inexpensive vacation where only a bedroom, three meals a day, and easy access to the beach are necessary.

I hope to have this vacation after the effectivity of my resignation, after my service in Lingkod QC, and before I take on my next service. I know God can give this dream vacation if He wills it. And if He asks me to lessen my load, I can even reduce my list of things to bring.

I can almost smell and feel the spray of saltwater on my skin.

And just to make the dream perfect, can this vacation be for free? :)

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