Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My Waiting Soul

In October of 2004, He told me to take nothing for my journey. But I was stubborn. Thus began a long battle against what was obviously an urgent call from the Lord to serve and follow Him.

I had assessed my fears and attachments, and yet at the end of the discernment, I still let those fears and attachments hinder me from joyfully anticipating the day of dawning for my mission.

He is asking me to wait now: for a decision upon which I do not desire to hinge my future, but which is important nonetheless; for a person who has more control over my situation than I would like anyone to have, simply because he is my leader. Who likes waiting? Who likes submitting? And yet into these two boiling cauldrons I am dipped and soaked so that when the right time comes, I would be ready for the purpose that God has for me.

Oh stubborn, impatient, and rebellious soul, surrender to The One Who Loves you. The Joy of Easter is just a breath away.


Anonymous said...

hi ella :)

been lurking around your site for about um, less that 48 hours already hehe.
yah, ive discovered this via google and twas indeed a small world huh. so are you attending jon and ces' wedding? God bless you. Hope to see you soon :)
your journal is very inspiring.

email: :)

Ella said...

Aha! An anonymous commenter! Chard, blogger ka diba? Log in using your blogger ID so that people could go to your blog when they read your comment. Let's increase traffic in your blog. ;)

I wonder what search keywords you used before finding my site in Google... hmmm...

Thanks. God bless, bro.


Anonymous said...

naku sis don't be surprised. technology works wonders :) i googled "Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon". even found ted te's site and another QT brother's site elsewhere. keep on posting :)