Thursday, April 14, 2005

I am Happy.

Happiness. Freedom. So this is how it feels!

Yes I'm happy and I will own this. I will remember that it's okay to be happy. I will not wake up tomorrow to a different set of circumstances. Nothing can take away the reason for my happiness. I will not let fear or anxiety or insecurity overwhelm me.

This is like finding The One true love. Well I can approximate the feeling. After knowing in my heart where I wanted to serve, I waited and waited for them to tell me that they wanted me to serve there. Now someone told me that they do want me to serve there and they wanted to, all along, it was just that proper procedure and timing and other considerations had to be observed.

It felt like finding out your crush has a crush on you. Hmm not exactly, but approximately.

It's a fulfillment of what I've been hearing for these past several months from people - something about your deepest desire meets the world's deepest need. That's how it happened to me.

I can't blog about it fully yet. But yes, I'm happy. It feels like Easter!!!

Later. :)

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