Saturday, May 28, 2005

Doing a Greg or Finding a Greg?

During the first part of a season of Dharma & Greg, I watched Greg question his reasons for becoming a lawyer. He became unemployed for a while. While the episodes were probably more about how their marriage, and Dharma, in particular, were affected by Greg's transformation from confident lawyer to aimless hunk (ok this latter one I made up based on personal opinion :D ), I could identify a little with Greg's career issues.

He became more aware of his humanity and vulnerability when he became unemployed. A homeless person convinced Greg that all he really wanted to do was to practice law. Dharma found Greg at the park at the end of one episode and said something like, "You mean you've found out that you do want to become a lawyer? Honey, that's great! You ARE a lawyer!"

I wonder how this episode, or season, would end in my particular story. Would I, like Greg, discover that I am doing exactly what I want to do? Or would I find Greg at the park too?

Guess which conclusion I prefer. ;)

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