Sunday, May 22, 2005

Too Much for One Week

As my cousin Myra said (ayan may special mention ka na sa blog ko), I had been photoblogging the past week because I had been too tired to write anything. My apologies for reneging on my blogging duties but the events since May 12 have been too much for one heart!

My two sisters who live in the US and Australia, respectively, arrived together with some of our closest relatives from California. So for one week our family had a wedding, a reunion, a death, two birthdays, and two anniversaries. We've been to Subic up North and to Cavite City down south. We've strolled at Hyatt, Gateway, Greenhills, Greenbelt, Galleria, Glorietta, Power Plant, Fort Santiago, Boardwalk, and Megamall. We've cried and laughed, fought and made up, as families always do. It had been a physically and emotionally taxing week and we're starting a new one! God's grace abounds, as always, and we are all thankful for this chance to be together.

I have some reflections but haven't had time to write down anything. I need a vacation after this vacation. We all do!

So until I recover from this roller coaster ride, I'll keep updating our family pictures. Just two more days and we'll all go back to our usual routines. Only for me, it won't be the usual routine for long. On June 15, I'll be out of Sandiganbayan and on June 17, out of Lingkod QC as BWM.

I definitely need a vacation before my heart bursts.

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