Saturday, June 18, 2005

Great night!

I'm supposed to drive to Tagaytay in four hours' time. Between now and later I should pack and get some sleep. But how could one sleep after such a great night? Ted and Gay's installation was beautiful, inspiring and touching. They are both well-loved, -respected and -admired in community so it is no surprise that almost all of the Servants of the Word, Jerusalem House sisters, Lingkod Office staff, were there, aside from brothers and sisters from different branches. QT's also had so much to honor them both with, through videos, photos, songs, and words. Gay's flowers and scrapbook was matched by Ted's teddy bear and portrait as "king arthur". I thought I would cry when Rommel sang The Warrior is a Child, unfortunately, I was in front and forced to sing in part! I am restraining myself from being a perfectionist about how the song went again. So what if we did not practice and the key was too low for a sister? We sang for Ted.

God answered Ted's request for a surprise. He answered my need for an embrace from Him. I received His embrace from so many brothers and sisters who are Jesus to me. In particular, John Keating, the Presiding Elder of the Servants, reminds us of Jesus and I was so blessed to have been sitting beside him during the program. Mylene Romero's tight hug and affirmation also filled my heart to overflowing. The faces of the QT's as they said their thank you's and goodbye's will forever be etched in my memory. As a bonus, i was able to sit beside National Director Mon and Dr. Jake Yap during fellowship at Don Hen. I polished my job application speech for Mon, who was so gracious although he was sleepy. Jake offered his wisdom in my discernment (which does not seem to end) and agreed to meet with me for consultation later on. What a night! The BWMs, regional leaders, national leaders of Lingkod, and even CYA and Ligaya were there.

How does one sleep after such a night as this? I know that Gay and Ted's term would be blessed for it started with this abundant, lavish, spectacular, phenomenal night. There were no long talks given. It was just the presence of all those special people that made the night unforgettable for all of us at Lingkod QC.

Thank you for the hug, Yeshua. I knew it was You. :)

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