Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Last Day

Perhaps there is not much to write about now as I do not have the benefit of hindsight yet. It is a significant step, however, so it deserves a line in this blog.

I spent my last official day at the Sandiganbayan yesterday. My boss is in the U.S. for an official trip so it was just a time to be with my peers. They might have thought that I was so unemotional and detached the whole time. The clerk of court treated her staff and me to some pizza. It was a pleasant surprise as they belonged to our neighboring office and I did not think that they would make a fuss about my leaving. A few minutes after I got back to my cubicle, she sent me a parting gift - a brand new bible, the NRSV. I was deeply touched and grateful. My NRSV is my most worn-out bible because the words seem to leap out of the pages, through my mind and into my heart. I thanked her and promised to pray for her and her service to the public.

For three years the language that I spoke with Atty. Tess Rosete had been about cases, litigants, resolutions and decisions. I hardly witnessed to her directly about what God was doing in my life. It was only recently, when she asked why I resigned, that I revealed to her some of what was in my heart. The Holy Spirit must have moved her to give me the gift I would surely need for my mission. It is my eighth bible and counting. Each one was bought or received under special circumstances.

I left the office with a trunkload of documents, books, and other stuff accumulated through my years as a court attorney. Unlike my previous resignations, I did not shed a tear this time. I went straight to Mass to report to Jesus. "It is finished." I had taken part in the resolution of some criminal and civil cases that I would never forget. I left what had become a comfortable cubicle in place of a stint as a full-time worker for Him. I asked Fr. Geoff to bless my brand new bible. I prayed that it would become my sword of truth for the battles that lie ahead, and my partner in rejoicing for the victories that I would witness.

My officemates at the PJ's chamber and I have yet to finalize our goodbyes. We're taking it one day at a time. Two more despedida parties are lined up in the coming weeks. Instead of being torn, my heart is stable and at peace.

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