Monday, June 13, 2005

A Real Worship Concert!

I read somewhere that the easiest way to fulfill your dreams is to simplify them.

Ever since I received a CD of Hillsong Music Australia two years ago, I have made the Hillsong Music team a part of my regular prayer time. Lingkod QC also increasingly used their songs from different albums. There were countless mornings when I prayed that they would come to the Philippines so that I could attend their worship concert.

God must have said, "Chicken feed, my daughter." Because Hillsong is so popular among Catholic Charismatic communities and Christian groups, I didn't have to wait long before somebody produced the worship concert of my dreams. It was one step short of perfection, though, as everything in this world is, because Darlene, the dynamic lady worship leader, wasn't with Reuben and his band.

I didn't pray for a music workshop. That was a bonus. One intimate afternoon at the Araneta Coliseum, Reuben Morgan and his band gave us tips on how to serve and glorify the Lord through music. It didn't matter to me that they decided to do away with the keyboards for this particular tour, after all, drummer Paul apologized to us for it. I was thankful to have been part of that seminar, together with my brothers and sisters from Lingkod and several other Christian communities from all over the country. The way we all prayed and played that afternoon was unforgettable!

Later that evening, while I sang "You Said", "My Redeemer Lives", "Shout to the Lord", "On Eagle's Wings", "Lord I Give You My Heart", and other worship songs together with Reuben, his band, and the whole of Araneta Coliseum, I was aware that I was living out a dream. We danced, shouted, and clapped for the Lord. We interceded for our country. We celebrated God's love through music. Some thirty Lingkod QT's were scattered around the Dome that night. It was like being in a prayer room, which we like to call "praying alone together".

I once again offered my gifts to the Lord and asked Him to have His way with me. I want to praise, worship, and serve Jesus through music all of my days. I was inspired to keep practicing, trying, and giving. I would start by dusting off my piano keys, securing my music sheets, and setting up a regular practice schedule. I would also start using my brand-new (although with me for three months now) guitar. I would play when I pray again so that when I pray with others, I could play.

Thank you Reuben, Paul, Benny, and Hinui for helping people like me to see our gift of music as a concrete way to serve others. God bless you!
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mel said...

ito ba yung teacher mong disini?

Ella said...

Nope, my teacher is the older Prof. Disini, our professor in Labor 1 and Labor 2, also my bar examiner. I have only heard of Atty. JJ Disini but we've never actually been introduced.