Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Gotta Get Me One of Those!

"I gotta get me one of those!" - this was what Commissioner Gordon, before he got promoted, said to himself after seeing the Batmobile. His wish was partly granted when later on in the movie, Batman let him drive.

I've always been vocal about one wish of mine - to own a laptop computer. I like to write, email and blog, so with such a lightweight beauty I could indulge in my passions anywhere. During my six-month bar review my sister lent me one so I could type my personal reviewers. A couple of months ago, my Ninang gave me a hand-me-down, working laptop! I was giddily happy until I discovered that it was 110v only, had missing hardware, and being a 1999 model, was too heavy to lug around. When my mom asked if she could use it instead for her piano students' records at her school, I gladly gave it to her. I had a pending prayer request for a laptop and I knew God could grant it anytime he wanted.

This Friday could be my chance. Lingkod LB, hosts of this year's NLTC, is raffling off a brand new IBM laptop and other cool gadgets. I'm personally going to be there at the raffle. The problem is, I have only one ticket. I'm contemplating whether it's worth it to buy more tickets, considering that I have a tight budget.

Should I stick with my one ticket and claim that nothing is impossible with God?

Pretty please, Lord, you know I would use it to serve You. I would prepare talks, manuals, e-mails, articles and sharings using it. I would be able to communicate better with it. We have an unbelievable staffer-to-computer ratio at the Lingkod Office. I won't argue my way to this one, Lord. I just beg for your grace and mercy! I claim victory.

Sigh. If I'm not meant to win it, I think I could settle with the IPod Mini. I just have a shorter list of how to use it for service. ;)

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