Monday, July 18, 2005

Two Weeks to Go

My so-called vacation will soon be over. The next two weeks would just whizz by because I'm spending five days in Tagaytay for Scripture Ventures. Finally I can attend the Joy of Discovery (NOT the Discovery Weekend... yet! Hehe) where I could study Scripture closely. I've always wanted to attend this seminar given by the Institute for Pastoral Development (IPD) and now I'll get that chance. At least this might give me the courage to serve more boldly because it would teach me the skills on how to study scripture. Until I could take up formal classes at the LST, this would definitely do! As I told Gay, I don't know anybody who would be there except for God who called me. I was supposed to be the worship leader for the Lingkod-GMMACQ sisters' prayer meeting this Friday but I had to beg off when I learned about JoD. I'm glad my leaders allowed me to go to JoD, anyway the women would have the very gifted sister, Nerry the Queen, to lead them in worship.

I hope it doesn't rain too much in Tagaytay so I could enjoy the magnificent view. Since I will be with new people, it's time to make new friends, I guess. This feels like my first Star Scout weekend camping. I was so afraid to stay at a strange place with total strangers! But I went home with the red star anyway. For Scripture Ventures, I think there won't be any red stars. All I'm hoping to bring home with me is the training that I need for future service.

Next week I have another five-day trip, but it will be pure vacation. I'm going to Singapore and Malaysia with my mom, sister-in-law, and the latter's sister who is based in Malaysia. I'll turn a year older there. I'm still thinking if I would apply for roaming services from Globe. I might get text messages and phone calls. I won't answer my dear friends, because it's expensive to text back and even to answer phone calls while on roaming, but it would be good to know that they remembered me. ;)

Within the coming days I still have a long list of errands involving banks, visas, IDs, and other things that could be obtained from government offices. I'll definitely post about my DFA experience soon. I also have ever-evolving plans for our house, especially my room in order to maximize what little space we have. My friend, to whom I lent a backpack-full of stuff for World Youth Day, expressed amazement at how all those things could fit into our little house, because I do seem to have an answer for every need - whether it be an extra Swiss knife, travel pillow, cosmetic case, etc. I said life in the del Rosario house has always been like that. We may not have expensive and branded possessions but we do make it a point to have everything we need on hand, and if given the opportunity, we love to share them with our close friends.

What I'm excited about in the near future are Mama's plans to improve our garden when we get back from our trip. I shall get my fountain and prayer corner at last!

I look back at my vacation month and I'm thankful that it had been productive. I was able to go on retreat, attend a choir convention, meet up with old friends, say my goodbyes, establish new friendships, serve in a parish LSS (for the first time), organize my room, and most importantly, sleep and write to my heart's content!

I won't ever know if I'm ready for the future so I'm trying not to obsess about it anymore. In today's first reading, the Israelites complained a lot but Moses reminded them that all they had to do was be still because God Himself will act. Then the LORD told Moses that the Israelites should go forward. So even with all my doubts and apprehensions, I'm going forward. It is said that the red sea parted AFTER the Israelites stepped on the water. After prayer time and again at mass, I committed to quit complaining to God about my hardships after leaving Egypt and to joyfully anticipate my Promised Land.

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