Monday, July 25, 2005

Prayer for the State of the Nation

For 15 years, my family lived in Pureza St. near Mendiola, the road that leads to the Malacanang Palace. Back in the time of People Power I and coup d' etat, demonstrations and rallies were a normal occurrence for me and my family. Last 1998, we moved to Don Antonio Heights, walking distance from Commonwealth, the road that leads to Batasan/Congress. Because of the Sandiganbayan and Congress, our road has become the favorite of rallyists and demonstrators as well. I can hear their voices on the megaphone as I type this blog.

I was awakened to idealism and a new hope in 1986. My parents brought us five kids to EDSA for the historic people power revolution that toppled the Marcos dictatorship. A year after that, we went to celebrate and commemorate the first anniversary of the Edsa Revolt. In 2001, I trooped to EDSA once more with the Lingkod QC brothers and sisters. I believed it was my stand against immorality in the leadership. This time, I did not take to the streets. I no longer work for the government. I'm taking a break from this country's problems. I was in Tagaytay the past week finding joy in discovering Scriptures. When I came home, this is what welcomed me - a country once more divided, and a state of the nation address that did not address much.

I turn to prayer. Today I arranged an altar in our spare room in the house. It's very simple. I just put a bible on a bible stand, a blessed candle, and some rosaries. It's my response to God's command for me to build an altar. Then I went to mass and said extra prayers for the Filipinos.

I know that the only thing that could change our country is prayer. If we change from within, our country would change for sure. I feel so betrayed by the government officials. May God's justice be upon us all.

It's my birthday on Saturday. If there's one more gift I'd ask of you Lord it would be peace on this side of the earth.

One More Gift
(Bukas Palad)

If there's one more gift I'd ask of you Lord
It would be peace, here on Earth
As gentle as Your children's laughter,
All around, all around

Your people have grown weary
Of living in confusion
When will we realize
That neither heaven is at peace
When we live not in peace (refrain)

Grant me serenity, within
For the confusions around
Are mere reflections of
What's within, what's within me. (refrain)

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