Friday, September 23, 2005

The Grace of Fulfillment

There was an email message that I received before stating that "Your Work Should be Your Vocation". I could not accept it then but I had a major difficulty in finding where God was in the picture when it came to my previous work. I eventually set out to look for work that could make my heart sing and would show my place under the sun. That was what my heart yearned for, ultimately.

I have found my present vocation because the way I see it, working for Lingkod Office is working for the Lord. I knew I had it in me to work overnight if necessary, to come to work on time, to find joy when I wake up in the morning, to look forward to seeing my officemates, and to take delight in the little and big things I have to do regarding work, so all the time I endured law practice I was not being the best person I could be. I'm not discounting the possibility of my being called back to practice my profession or at least work in a corporate setting, but for now this is clearly an answered prayer.

Sure I get tired and frustrated more because I'm wearing my passionate hat more often now, but I go to bed at night fulfilled, and it matters a lot to my overall happiness. I just love what I do, hard though it may be to explain it. I tried to describe all the things I was busy with and my mom said that everything sounded like a nonstop extracurricular activity! She could not see the curriculum, and I don't blame her, for it is still being defined.

As I take on roles that challenge me to be forbearing, patient, proactive and firm, I know that my character is being molded and I find peace there.

Joy abounds in our workplace, despite the tension brought about by frantic activities for the upcoming National Leaders' Training Conference and the release of new projects of the Fund Development Team. The bond shared between brothers and sisters who have set aside their careers in order to serve full-time is beautiful to experience.

I'm only beginning to see the many reasons to smile despite the pressures and adjustments that I go through. The Chairman of the Board of Lingkod, Tito Eddie, had this to say to me after I updated him that there are still many things I'm not used to in my new job:

"“Rejoice in trials!” You should be so lucky as to expend all your energy in direct service to the Lord’s church. Some of us have to struggle to look beyond and within to find the Lord whom we serve. ;-)

After reading that, I looked at my challenges as blessings once more. So life isn't perfect and I'm the most imperfect being of all, but to know I'm where I'm called to be at this moment reduces all doubt and fills me with strength.

Sometimes it only takes a remembrance of where we were led out from in order to be full of hope and anticipation for where we have been promised we would go to.

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