Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Seven" from and for Joni

It took me a week to find time to blog-hop so this reply to Joni's tag is one week late. Joni this is just an updated slumbook and the fact that we're answering the questions means we like to think like we're still in high school sometimes... =) I'm trying to unwind after an unbelievably exhausting week so please bear with this. If you're looking for the usual dose of mala-Daily Bread reflections, sorry no power to do that at this time. :D

Seven Things That Scare Me
1) Snakes
2) Driving alone near old houses on a full moon
3) Addressing a group of people who have high expectations
4) Presenting a witness on direct exam (hence, goodbye litigation)
5) What happens if I miss a deadline? I have died several times over.
6) My loved ones getting sick ... or just plain losing my lovedones
7) Saying goodbye and letting go

Seven Things I Like The Most (not in the same level of like ito ha)
1) The Bible
2) Music
3) Cellphones
4) Internet
5) Coffee
6) Books
7) Chocolates

Seven Random Facts About Me
1) I'm not fond of rootbeer
2) When eating out alone, I savor it and even order the works.
3) I get bored with repetition and monotony (who doesn't?)
4) I used to be Model Girl for my freshman class at Manila Science High School... hah!
5) I failed the bar the first time that I took it... 1999.
6) I dream of owning a violin and I don't need to learn to play it.
7) I used to be a Menudo fan! :))

Seven Important Things In My Bedroom
1) Prayer Time effects - Bible, Daily Scripture Guides, Journal, Pen, and Music (guitar/Cd player)
2) Alarm Clock
3) Mirror (I like to reflect a lot eh)
3) Mini-library
4) Bed
5) Lamp
6) Closet
7) Electric Fan.

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1) Publish my book
2) Have my own column
3) Visit Europe
4) Go to Disneyland
5) Take my vows (hmmm...)
6) Have a healthier lifestyle
7) Rid myself of stress.

Seven Things I Can Do
1) Write
2) Type
3) Sing
4) Dance
5) Drive
6) Swim
7) Talk

Seven Things I Can't Do
1) Leave the house without a wristwatch
2) Play ball
3) Paint
4) Color within the lines
5) Fly an airplane
6) Speak French
7) Have a child with blue eyes. My Ph.D. (well, almost) scientist/reasearcher younger sister Mel says it's genetically impossible. Sayang!

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex (i-publish daw ba ang essentials)
1) Leadership qualities, so easy for me to submit
2) Highly intelligent
3) Excellent communication skills (this list is beginning to sound like that for requirements for a job opening...)
4) Boyish looks - (mukhang totoy pero hindi totoy!)
5) Strong faith in God
6) Sense of humor that I appreciate
7) Musically inclined

Seven Things I Say The Most
1) I'm sure...
2) I hope...
3) I know...
4) Hindi siguro...
5) Tama ba naman yun.
6) Naks.
7) God bless.

Seven Celeb Crushes (whether foreign or local)
1) Brendan Fraser
2) the late John F. Kennedy, Jr.
3) Christian Bautista (hehe dati... saw an episode of Kampanerang Kuba at nawala crush ko bigla)
4) Ben Affleck
5) Gary V.
6) Aidan Quinn
7) Benjamin Bratt

Seven People You Want To Take This Quiz
1) Honey
2) Myra
3) Pie
4) marlon
5) Belle
6) Peeya
7) Chard


breesmom said...

but i thought you like root beer float?

- tricia

Ella said...

That's right, Bree's Mom! The only rootbeer I could drink was A&W and Dad's, and I'm not very fond of it, and the only way I enjoy drinking it is to have huge helpings of vanilla ice cream with it. It's more the float rather than the rootbeer that I enjoy. ;)