Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hard Habit to Break

It is a foregone conclusion:  I’m a crammer.  I throw away Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People the moment I’m given an important assignment.  I prefer picking up the quadrant IV items first, and I’m highly effective there, mind you.  Blogging, texting, sleeping, e-mailing, name it, I prefer it to the big projects.

Don’t ask me to talk about Personal Order, a major Way of Life teaching of Lingkod.  It’s not in my vocabulary.  I’m OC about a lot of things but I have certain work habits that are pretty annoying, even for me.  I saw a calendar/planner at Powerbooks that I couldn’t afford, but the title of which struck me:  “The Procrastinator’s Guide”.  It has little ticklers for “What You Can Do Tomorrow”, “What You Can Avoid”, etc.  It was so me.

I am efficient for meetings, follow-ups, long-term plans, and discussions.  But once I’m given a thesis-like assignment, I put it off until the very last day, and file a Motion for Extension several days in a row.  

As if to emphasize my already pathetic time management skills, a song played on RX’s Monster’s Riot this morning, “Under Pressure” by Queen.  Boy did I type faster after hearing the all-too-familiar words.

I like to ruminate on things before finalizing them.  I like to collect all my materials before attacking them.  I like to distract myself, too.  So global, and what a headache I’d pose to the analytics I work with.  Tomorrow we have staff training that’s meant to assess our working styles and habits.  

I’d probably give a talk on Seven Habits of Highly Inefficient People.  That’s why coffee returned to my system – I switched to night shift once again. I’m no longer in the corporate world and so far removed from the legal profession, yet I still exercise these magic procrastinating tricks.  When will I ever change?  Will I ever change?

My friend Toni once commented, “Ella, you thrive on busy-ness.  You breathe better when you’re under stress.

Oh, the things we discover about ourselves when we no longer have others to pin the blame on.

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