Monday, September 12, 2005

Two Loves of My Life

Ok, love is too strong a word. I love people, not things.

So ang title nito, pwede ring "two addictions". Or "two attachments". Decaf Cafe Mocha and my Nokia 6600 (with the penguin holder courtesy of Paully). Binigyan niya ako para raw hindi ko na ilaglag ang aking cellphone. Nalalaglag pa rin eh. So hindi attached sakin. :D

Thanks Ted for allowing me to tinker with your brand new phone with high-tech camera. Di ko alam kung anong model yan, I lost track of updates. Basta maganda.

Notice my misspelled name, "Elya". I can't get it why barristas slash cashiers always misspell my name. Or baka poor hearing. I've drunk coffees from cups labeled as "Delia", "Nelia", "Eya", and "Elias". Ella po, Ella. Kakaiba ba yun?

Buti na lang happy ako nung gabing yun at hindi ko na pinansin ang wrong-spelling-wrong. With great coffee (Gloria Jean's - hindi matao), great company (brothas and sistahs and a fatha), and of course great conversation, I sipped my free decaf (courtesy of one of the people whom I love) contentedly.

For a coffee lover, I take longer than expected in drinking it. I think I already mentioned that I can't drink really hot coffee. Mahina tolerance ko at napapaso ako eh. So kailangan, almost room temperature. Ewww goes the true coffee lovers out there. Sorry po, tao lang.


Marlon said...


I've drunk coffees from cups labeled as "Delia", "Nelia", "Eya", and "Elias". Ella po, Ella. Kakaiba ba yun?

Delia - parang pang manang

Nelia - Oks lang

Eya - Pang-nene

Elias - Baka si Crisostomo Ibarra ang barista

Ella said...

Kung gayon, tawagin na lang siyang "Ibarrista".

Kawawa yung mga Malaysian na pinakanta ng friends ko ng Happy Birthday sakin last July, hindi ma-pronounce ang "Ella". Happy Birthday Eya din ang dinig ko. Spanish-sounding.

Alam ko na ang cellphone ni Ted. Nokia 6680. Pangarap ka na lang ba, o magiging katotohanan pa...

chard said...

i can literally drink a steaming cup of hot coffee in one gulp :) gusto ko kasi medyo napapaso dila ko, i can't enjoy my coffee pag hindi siya ganun kainit basta hot enough to smolder my tongue :)

tobie said...

Try switching to cool and relaxing Green Tea Frappucino in Starbucks.


Just bloghopping po.

Ella said...

Thanks Tobie. Will try that. :)

I was at Figaro last night but I drank hot tea - Peppermint by Twinnings pa rin. I have a coffee addiction actually, and a particular preference for hot drinks. Just very prone to burning my tongue, but it hasn't stopped me from enjoying the drink that I love.

Ahh love... makes us want to do so many things. Plugging nga pala, Sept 18 na ang showing ng Love Actually sa Star Movies! I'm not in that movie but I could surely relate with the characters.

Ted said...

misspelled names ba kamo? let me count the ways my two-letter, one syllable surname has been misspelled or mispronounced: ti, tay, te-h, th-e (i kid you not). The worst and the funniest was on a delivery receipt for pizza ordered over the phone; I spelled my surname phonetically using the international code, thus: "tango. eco. te" The receipt read "ted tango eco te." You just can't win sometimes.