Sunday, April 16, 2006

Little Wrestlers

My nephews' current byword is wrestling, from watching the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on cable. They visit its website ("Tita Ella don't look kasi they will kiss, o!"), play with toy wrestling arenas, practice some moves, wear a WWE henna tattoo, and collect action figures. They received an Easter package from Ninang Lani and Uncle Danny who are based in Sydney, and here they are proudly displaying their newest John Cena t-shirts.

I have a desire to teach someone the songs from Annie, Aladdin, and Mulan, among others. I have goddaughters, but still I pray for a niece to play dress-up with!

But Miko and Luigi are adorable. Miko's Easter gift to me is a drawing he made of Legolas. Luigi promised to do Aragorn for me. They all make for a happier Easter for Tita Ella. Posted by Picasa

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