Sunday, April 16, 2006

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I was going through my files last night when a copy of the lyrics of this song fell into my lap. I read it and remembered that this song was written by Fr. Manoling while reflecting about how Mary Magdalene must have felt after seeing the Risen Christ. When I attended the Ligaya Easter Vigil last night, two sisters sang this beautifully. I thus claimed it to be one of my Easter songs.

In My Heart
By Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ
Performed by Bukas Palad Music Ministry

In my heart I know my Savior lives
I can hear Him calling tenderly my name
Over sin and death He has prevailed
In His glory, in His new life we partake

I know He lives as He has promised
For me He's risen that from fear I may be free
Not even death can separate me
From Him whose love and might remain in me (REFRAIN)

For I have seen and touched Him risen
To all the world will I proclaim His majesty
With joy I sing to tell His story
That in our hearts may live His memory (REFRAIN)

And all the earth shall bow before Him
His blessed name all will adore on bended knee
His truth shall reign, so shall His justice
In Christ, my Savior, let all glory be (REFRAIN)


In my heart I know my Savior lives
In His glory, in His new life we partake

The tomb is empty! Christ is risen! No longer are we enslaved by sin, or frightened by death – for He conquered both in order to bring us to a new life. I long to see my Lord face to face in Heaven, and so I am thankful for the joy of Easter, after the silence of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and most of Holy Saturday, because the outburst of Hallelujahs last night, above the ringing of the bells we brought and the clanging of our tambourines, gave me a foretaste of what heavenly worship is about. We Christians have much to celebrate, for by Jesus’ rising from the dead, He fulfilled the greatest promise that has ever been made, and we have seen a victorious Christ!

Happy Easter to everyone! May the joy of the Resurrection resonate in our lives and bring us hope forevermore.

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