Sunday, April 09, 2006

Never Alone

This was shared to us during our Lenten retreat by Sr. Perry, rc.  I’ve tried to look for its author but couldn’t find it on the Internet.  I was deeply struck by this, especially the title.  It speaks to me of how much God loves me.

Never Alone
[Author Unknown to me]
Based on Psalm 139  

Lord, you see right through me,
     and know me utterly.
You understand what I’m thinking,
     long before I understand myself.
You are with me on the crowded street;
     beside me when I go alone to bed.
Everything I do, you recognize;
     my tongue never wags without you hearing.
I find you in my yesterdays and tomorrows,
     your love firmly around me.
All this is too much for me;
     it is beyond my understanding.

Where could I evade you?
     where could I escape from your presence?
If I live high with the jet set, you are there.
     If I make my bed on a park bench, you are there.
If I could take off at the speed of light
     and travel the freeways of outer space,
Even there your hand would touch me,
     your right hand would hold me.
If I fear something awful will happen,
     like being swallowed by darkness,
My darkness will begin to shine like the day;
     for with you darkness becomes light.

How precious are your plans for me, Lord;
     they add up to a fantastic number.
If I tried to count them
     they would outnumber the sand.
Whenever I wake up to what’s happening
     I find I’m still with you!
Lord, take a hard look at me;
     untangle my untidy motives.
Sort me out with your relentless mercy;
     weigh up all my ideas.
Tear away what is unloving in me,
     and lead me to your never-ending future.

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