Sunday, August 07, 2005

After a Week of Silence...

I was quiet the past week not because my life was unbloggable, but because I was first, incapacitated due to fever and flu for three days; then, I had PC mouse-related problems. Meanwhile, I started reporting at the Lingkod Office last Thursday and attended my first staff meeting. It was a difficult but momentous week that ought to have been written about, however, I could not help the things that prevented me from doing so.

I had a pleasant surprise today - a birthday honoring, albeit a week late, from some brothers and sisters of QC who traveled from Makati where they attended a required course just to bring a delicious cake, sing the HBD song, and offer their honorings once more. I was delighted to see them, the brothers and sisters I grew up with! I had to leave early to go to Mass but my love tank was refilled already. While walking home I realized what a perfect ending to the week the little party was, a gentle reminder that all things do end well for those who love and serve the Lord, no matter how many challenges arose the past week. It erased all the tears and frustrations that I felt midweek and showed me the reality of the hope that I have, that nothing is impossible for God. Oh yes, I almost broke down this week simply because all the things that trigger my irritations and insecurities cropped up one by one as if attempting to hinder me from starting my official service for Lingkod. Well my God is bigger and stronger than those puny irritants that the enemy tried to put my way, and I have lived to tell the tale.

Looking at photos and videos from my trip last weekend also reminded me that God is present and active in my life, no matter how I feel. I was not worthy to receive Jesus but at His Word, I was healed. I felt like St. Paul all of a sudden when I recalled the past week - I was bedridden, stranded, and rejected - and yet like the apostle I was able to stand up, walk, and find new courage.

So the journey begins.

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