Monday, August 08, 2005

Travelogue: Singapore and KL

I took all forms of transportation in 24 hours. It started Wednesday July 27, when I drove to my brother's house to park the car there for a few days and to hitch a ride to Megamall. My sister-in-law's Mom, Tita Vilma, took us (Peeya and I) to Megamall where we were to take the shuttle bus to Clark Airport. The Philtranco bus was one hour late. At Clark, I took my anti-vertigo medicine which made me so drowsy. Doc Jas called me up to assure me that I was going to be ok despite the dizziness that I felt. Then we boarded Air Asia to KL. It was a unique flying experience in that everything was for sale and could be bought in pesos or ringgit from the stewardesses - water, softdrinks, juice, snacks, chocolate. I slept through the flight which got quite turbulent due to the weather conditions.

At KL, Pauline and Roelle picked us up to give us a few hours' sleep. First thing the next morning, we took the bus, together with Pau this time, to Singapore. First Coach, the bus we took, was classier than the airplane we rode in! They even gave us cookies and water for free. We arrived at Singapore, bought stored value cards at their high-tech MRT, and got down at a station near our hotel. With our backpacks, we walked to the hotel which was quite a distance, under the extreme heat of the Singapore sun. At the hotel, I just had time for a quick drink before we went off again to see the sights as we had very limited time.

We took the river boat cruise and learned a bit of history. I saw the merlion, the Esplanade Theater, the museum featuring a Vatican collection, and historic sites.

This was taken inside the river boat with the merlion in the background.

After that we had dinner at a hawker's restaurant, the prices of which were 1/3 cheaper than the restaurants along Clark Quaye. Then, we took the MRT and bus to the Night Safari, where we road the tram for a guided tour to see some rare animals. So from car, bus, airplane, car, bus, MRT, boat, bus, MRT and tram, motion sickness and fatigue took over and I almost fainted at the night safari! I didn't have a the full chance to enjoy the flying cheetahs and other exotic animals because I had a splitting headache that no Ponstan could heal. I prayed that the sickness would not hinder me from seeing the sights of Singapore. The next day, I felt better at Sentosa and Orchard Road. We took the bus back to Malaysia and when we got there at night, I found myself with fever.

But did I rest the next day? Of course not, it was my birthday and the reason why I got the trip as a gift in the first place! We went to Menara, Petronas, and the Sunway Pyramid. I had the time of my life. I also found out that Salamat means Welcome in Malaysia! Here in the Philippines it means Thank You.

With Peeya and Mama at the Menara KL Tower, the fourth tallest telecoms tower in the world. I know because they showed us the measurements of all the other top towers. :)

Thank you in Malaysia is "Terima kasih". I think.

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