Monday, August 08, 2005

Tag From Joni

I have to answer a few slumbook questions from Joni, heehee...

1. What are the things you enjoy doing when there's no one around you?

This list keeps growing as I grow older. These are the things I enjoy doing alone regularly, in no particular order - extra long prayer times in the morning - I call this being with God to my heart's content, without having to rush off to stress over the day; contemplating amidst flowers and fountains, however small; taking walks, preferably without much pollution; reading books (siyempre, mahirap magbasa ng may kasama, hello); practicing Joy of Discovery in Bible Study (though I miss my Antioch groupmates); cooking/baking, although ok lang may assistant (tagahiwa, taga-do the dishes), too many cooks spoil the broth for me; playing the piano (for obvious reasons, though duets work after much practice, I've been playing alone ever since I could remember); blogging and writing (needs no explanation); watching TV to look for good movies or lifestyle shows; sleeping; shopping (more efficient when nobody's waiting for you, though an occasional fashionista/bargain hunter companion is most welcome); going to daily Mass - I find I'm more focused when I have no one to have a running commentary with, but offering the Eucharist with holy men and women (not necessarily the religious) is also a great experience; dining alone - and when I do this, I eat a full meal from appetizer to dessert and savor every bite - and I used to do this more when I lived on a lawyer's salary, hehe, haven't tried this with my missionary's allowance, pero I'm sure enjoy pa rin.

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

Talking to my friends, sometimes just seeing my loved ones makes me happy already, or remembering their smiles, hugs, and affectionate words. Playing with my nephews Luigi and Miko! I love going out for coffee just to process things with like-minded individuals. Music soothes my soul. God's Word gives me confidence, instruction, and affirmation. Sharing a meal with people I love is always a stress-buster. Attending a prayer meeting with Lingkod brothers and sisters keeps me in spiritual shape, especially worship, where I can sing, dance and proclaim God's word as if I were in heaven already, although I know that nothing compares to the joy of the real thing that I hope to enjoy someday! :)

3. tag three (I modified this to three from five, hehe) friends and post it in theirs.

Hmmm Ted, Daisy (that's two tags for you both already, from Joni and me), and Marlon the pogi.

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