Monday, August 08, 2005

Ella and the Chocolate Factory

Reaching out for gold bars at the store inside the KL airport. We bought pasalubong chocolates for my nephews here.

Btw, I've seen the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and it wasn't what I expected. It was a Burtonized (read: darker) version of the book I liked so much. Willy Wonka seemed suspiciously too white-faced and high-pitched to be normal, though he resembled a famous celebrity who loved kids and who had kiddie rides in his property as well. That got us thinking. Hmm.

Actually, I was more enticed to eat chocolate after seeing Johnny Depp's previous movie, "Chocolat". The company I was with last Saturday was worth it, however, as I saw it with the Posh LSS kids, Prince Ali, and Bro. Daniel who's now off to World Youth Day. The kids put too much salt in our popcorn, even if I warned them against it. We suffered through either having to wipe off the excess salt from every piece, for those of us who had the inclination, or biting into its white saltiness, for those of us who were too engrossed in the movie to care.

One writer who writes about chocolate well is J. K. Rowling. My sister sent me some chocolate frogs before inspired by Book One of H.P., along with real Bertie Bott's beans. Speaking of H.P., I haven't read book six! The opportunity to read it will come tonight though, when Ted hands me his extra copy. I can't wait!

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