Sunday, August 21, 2005

Now Playing: Song of a Servant

I just came from a beautiful wedding, ex-Lingkod Greenhills Branch Leader Atty. Jun Viterbo to ex-Makati Branch Women's Moderator Mau Climaco. It was a day with beautiful men and women from law, Ligaya and Lingkod communities. I saw my former bosses after three years and it was a great reunion. I was too happy to update them with where I'm working now. They were genuinely delighted to learn about my present work and I was pleasantly surprised that it still mattered to me that they are happy for me. Ah life. Sometimes we think we're so independent, but we're not, we're connected to people in ways we cannot see.

We sang this song for the processional. It's a song from the heart, and while I was singing my part I was thinking of Jesus and offering it to Him. Every word is true. May chords pa ito. Though I wthink we took it from A lang, not G.

Song of a Servant
Words and Music by Robert E. Filoramo

(Play G or A)

G Gsus G Gsus G-Gsus-G-Gsus
I now declare my allegiance to you, O Lord
G Gsus-G Gsus G-Gsus-G-Gsus
My life and my will at your service my God
Where you go I will go and You’ll lead the way
G Gsus G Gsus G-Gsus-G-Gsus
My God, I will live and die for You

-Verse 1-
Should it be the last breath I take O Lord?
I will use to sing a song of praise to you
Should it be my last drop of blood? I will shed it for You.
My God, I will live and die for You (Refrain)

-Verse 2-
Show me where to live O Lord and I’ll live.
Show me where to die O Lord and I’ll die.
Show me what to do and I’ll do it by Your side;
My God, I will live and die for You (Refrain)

-Verse 3-
At the sound of Your voice Master, I will obey.
I will watch every motion You make w/ open eyes
May my ears be clear to hear Your command;
My God, I will live and die for You (Refrain)

Optional END:
G Gsus G Gsus C – D
My God, I will live and die for You
For you are my God

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Ella said...

Sorry umusog ang chords. Itapat niyo na lang. Haha. I wish I could play this on guitar. Kaso di pa ako marunong mag-pluck. Hope springs eternal. Thanks Rommel, Au and Romy. Beautiful song.