Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Photos from Malaysia

Lovely Lunch at Chinoz, at the G/F of Petronas, for my birthday. We enjoyed fine dining and I forgot about my blues. Pano ba naman, my roaming arrived at 11 a.m. Imagine the millions of text messages that I missed (as if!) because Globe was late in processing my application. Na-high blood ako buti tinulungan ako ni Rocky.

At the Sunway Pyramid, hawak ko ang goatee para sa iyo Tita Mel!!! Feeling nasa Egypt.

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Daisy said...


Nice travelogue! as we say it--just go!

btw, on roaming, mag smart ka na lang--i have been prepaid forever at nakakaroam ako everytime I am abroad--I just type roam ON send to 333 one hour before the flight at yun na no hassel.