Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Despedida for Daniel-san

The theme song for the night was a song the first line of which went:

"Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane..."

The teenagers from Banal na Puso chapel could not help singing it; neither could the Missionaries of God's Love and the Lingkod QT's. The words just clicked, except the part about Spain.

Now, thanks to the royal delay of Royal Brunei airlines, Daniel's flight was actually delayed by seven hours. He's traveling today on a plane pala.

When young Adam sang for Kuya Daniel "All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..." , the latter could not relate. He is the world's worst packer. I know, I saw him in action. Or inaction. I think he spells packing as p-a-n-i-c-k-i-n-g. He spent more hours worrying about how to fit all his souvenirs from the Philippines into one luggage than actually sorting them out into a logical conclusion. Pasaway to the very end. The Posh Kids should be proud.

It was a great despedida, if I may objectively say so. All the guests were entertained, thanks to the six kids who took after their ate's and kuya's in talent, showmanship and stage presence. We stretched the definition of youth, from 14 to way beyond 40 last night, but it was a blast. The magic mic only started it all. Later on, people sang a capella or accompanied by the talented Mr. Jason De Asis on guitar. Food and drinks flowed and laughter filled the air as brothers and sisters, friends and mentors came to honor Daniel, who's now going back to his homeland of Australia after less than 11 months in the Philippines. It was the night before his actual flight, though, so people were nagging him left and right to be done with his packing already. But he chose to party first.

And party we all did. Blogger's image uploader is giving me a hard time. Will blog pictures when I can make this work. As of now I'm too sleepy to tinker with this.

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