Saturday, November 19, 2005

Proud Ate

Our baby sister, Mel, now has a Ph D in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the Arizona State University!!! That's a new tongue twister for our parents. Back when Jeb (her other nickname, such is the fate of youngest children, they get all the weird-sounding baby names) was still in college, our parents could not remember her course. She graduated with a BS in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB), cum laude, DOST scholar. Our Kuya Ric also had the same credentials over at the Department of Mathematics.

My parents are so proud they want to fly straight to Phoenix tomorrow. See her blog about her passing her dissertation defense:
the melldelrio blog: passed. She also partied aftewards.
Tomorrow my parents and I will fly to San Francisco first to visit some relatives while Mel finishes her job-hunting. Actually it's more like job-choosing. Then we'll see her for her graduation on December 15. I still don't know what to wear. I planned to wear jeans and she said that's ok but now I think that might be too underdressed for the Proud Ate.

How could I have two scientists as siblings? My Ate Lani and I could not understand a single word in the synopsis that Mel sent us from her dissertation. Ate Lani said, "Kaya mong intindihin yon, Ella, magaling ka mag-English."

My reply, "Ate, hindi ko kayang intindihin ang paper ni Mel! Hindi yon English!"

Just like Kuya Ric's dissertation when he graduated Ph.D. in Math, when all we saw were Greek symbols that just did not make sense. Somehow it seemed to work for other mathematicians as my brother is still working as one in Germany. But I heard that it's his wife Celeste who is doing well in her German language classes. Now she can converse while doing her groceries. Because we're flying tomorrow, Cel's family came over to throw a despedida lunch for us here at D.A. Papa ate kare-kare and liempo as if we won't see Filipino food in L.A.

I'm just in awe to be related to Mel and Kuya Ric. :) I grew up in the same house with them (5 siblings) but somehow not all of us ventured into the sciences. Ate Lani is now a CPA working for Apple Computers in Sydney. Our eldest Kuya Dan is an architect, married to architect Peeya, but is involved in many other things aside from architecture- like Digital Resource (internet service provider), and the arts.
Luigi and Miko, my two nephews by Kuya Dan and Peeya, have been exposed to all subjects then, from science to math to music to law.

We don't have a medical doctor in the family yet, could it be Luigi, who has the makings of a good student? We don't have a real athlete in the family yet, could that be Miko's dream as he loves all sports and prefers them over studying? Only God can tell.

We are all very proud of you, Mel. Save some champagne for all your aunts, uncles, and cousins who are coming with us to celebrate on your graduation!

Our family is just like any family in the world - full of tears, joys, victories, struggles, reunions, and goodbyes. Since God deliberately placed me in this particular family, quirks and all, I am reminded how blessed I have been, really. Despite all my dramas in life.

I have no choice but to rejoice!


mel said...

Is that so? You know I got a PhD because I was just keeping up with you and our other siblings! Now I have a title after my bachelor's I can rest. I'll pursue my dream of being a slacker. haha.

Ella said...

Haha... now that I left (temporarily) the legal profession I have a US visa and a six-week vacation there. I think being a slacker once in a while works to keep us healthy. See you very very soon!!!

Venus/Kate said...

Congratulations to your sister! I have to say, "WOW." I majored in Molecular and Cell Biology, and I have to say, those 4 years were tough. Imagine doing a PhD for it! That's really great!!!