Saturday, November 19, 2005

Three Families Had Lunch

The family and in-laws, mga naiwan sa Pilipinas. My sister-in-law's family brought lunch as despedida for us. Celeste is now in Germany with Kuya Ric kasi. Also there were Kuya Dan's family and his mother-in-law, Tita Vilma (whose daughters are also abroad, Pauline and Roelle in Malaysia whom we visited last July; Tricia and Clay with Bree at Glendale whom we will visit on Kuya Dan's birthday December 5). Our family is scattered all over the globe so this despedida was like a semi - noche buena in advance. Wish we could ALL be together for Christmas. Wish I could explore Disneyland with my nephews. We can't have it all.

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