Friday, November 11, 2005

A Story of a Shirt

A Story of a Shirt Posted by Picasa

This is a story of a SHIRT
That was made last EASTER by the Lingkod QTs!
While not all could wear the baby tees,
I absolutely love it.

When I wear it…

How many people this year
Wanted to buy, not just in the NLTC, but also during Golf Day?

We were just so unsure
How many shirts to print then
But now so many stand there waiting
Wanting to buy blue, violet, orange and green

How many opportunities disappear we look in the mirror
So many of us who have more than one shirt
Your clothes never wear as well the next day
But this shirt’s color and design stay the same way
They never seem to run out of good things to say
This is a story of a SHIRT…

Rejoice and Be Glad!
Shirt Design by Nick Servino (in photo)
Supplier Contact by Maye Padilla
for the GMMACQ Easter Celebration last April 2, 2005 held at the Xavier School

For orders, please visit and post a message at our Tagboard!

1 comment:

Ted said...

Reflecting on the reason why the shirt appears to be such a hit, I've come up with the following:

1. Maraming mahilig sa Rejoice!
2. Maraming mahilig sa Tide!
3. Maganda talaga ang design at ang mga kulay (kudos to Nick for the design, the input on the colors, to Maye for the helpful comments on the separate-colored collars and of course for the shirt contact)!
4. Maganda ang quality ng shirt for such a cheap price (mura lang to, mga kapatid)!
5. The message is so universal and so apt and so needed--especially in these times. We need to be reminded to REJOICE AND BE GLAD!

In any event, sabi ko kay Ella, if the demand for this is high, QC will order another round of shirts! I realize this blog is being read globally--if you like the shirt and want one, there are only two conditions and one sub condition: 1. you must be a lingkod member, 2. if you're not one yet and you're a single young professional, JOIN the Lingkod branch nearest you. and 2.1. if you're no longer single but know a single professional who would probably like and wear the shirt, refer him/her to the nearest lingkod branch. for more details, visit