Saturday, January 07, 2006

A New New Year

I welcomed 2006 in San Francisco with little noise - just the countdown on TV and Papa's traditional 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky (thanks Mel for the song on my Nano which blared over Rica's iHome, a thing that's on my perennial wish list now). The kids loved the poppers, the seniors enjoyed the champagne, and we girls just loved to hang. This new year is obviously God's gift that I'm seeing in a new light. More on this later. I'm going home to the Philippines in a matter of hours.


Ted said...

The most significant phrase for me in this post--"my nano". Happy new year, indeed. He he he.

Ella said...

I love saying that... my nano... my preciousss (napalitan na ang 6600 sa attachment priority list ko). God has been good to me, never did I imagine that I could own an iPod. It was a gift from my parents who saw how longingly I gazed at the iPod ads all over the BART. I can't afford the accessories though. High-maintenance toy. Happy new year!