Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This Year, I Will Be...

When I worked as a court attorney, I drafted two things for my boss: (1) resolutions and (2) decisions. Resolutions, in the most simplistic way I could put it, are what decisions of a more temporary nature are called. Decisions are, obviously, for the relatively more permanent ones. I wouldn't say that the latter are final as I merely worked for an appellate court. Now don't take these definitions to the bar exams - I'm writing for my blog and it wouldn't be appropriate to be technical and, hmm let me find the right word, ahh, legalistic, about it.

Resolutions - small time. Decisions - big time. Resolutions - partial. Decisions - full.

This new year, I will venture to make decisions, and not just resolutions.

This new year, I will be... [the publishable part of my list follows]:

1. More grateful;
2. Less negative/anxious/stressed out;
3. More consistent, and not lead a double life (this in the not-so-distant past meant I was a Christian in the workplace, like a model Lingkod member, yet a Cruella de Vil while driving or being driven crazy by someone, and in many other situations);
4. More determined to seek spaces and places for prayer;
5. More serious, and brave, and hopeful, in pursuing the inner beatings of my heart;
6. Less of a pleaser;
7. More willing to accept - services, changes; waiting, leaving; etc.;
8. More open - to people and our failures, mistakes, imperfections and inconsistencies;
9. More active in the other aspects of life that I have neglected (details written on a separate page, back to back); and...
10. Easier, just a little bit easier, on life, on love, on living and loving, on living with and taking love from the people I love or used to love or still love but are not wholly sharing this coming year with for one reason or another.


1. Recycle all of last year's.

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