Friday, January 13, 2006


At the core of my being is an identity
of which I hesitate to claim that I am worthy.
You have given me peace that I have disturbed
in the jungle of my heart,
in the tangle of my emotions,
in the pull of my temptations.

I give in
to the world from which you’ve called me
Unaware of how so blindly, willingly, I was already
Carried by the undertow. I stared, lost, at
the bright lights that dazzle,
false promises that unravel,
I walked right in to danger.

“Come to me”,
Your words leap out from memory.
Then I remembered that it was too easy, really;
That I was not especially shielded
from the habit of falling,
the tendency of losing,
the call of sinning.

Going home,
After walking too far from shore,
Proud as Peter, thinking carelessly that I was strong,
I dare ask You now, as I have done before,
still this storm,
make me whole,
lead me home.

Ella del Rosario
January 13, 2006

1 comment:

jymdrn said...

it's nice to know that somewhere, someone also shares this great Faith of mine.. :)

like you, i am also "waiting"..

thanks for your words..